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Born in Hamburg, living fifeteen years in Portugal, I've always felt inspired by multicultural environments. This unique upbringing, along with my father's love and knowledge of photography, had a true creative impact on my work.I studied media design and photography and with my Masters in Media Culture, Visual Communication and Psychology at the University of Fine Arts and at the University of Hamburg, I established my artistic career primarily through photography in the areas of potrait, documentary, fashion and art..

Cultural heritage and identity are the heart of my interests. My focus is on the link between cultures and media, such as photography, performing arts, and film.Using them as the backdrop for my pictures, I create compelling narratives by using vibrant and complex colour schemes where women are at centre stage. Now based in Hamburg again, but always deeply connected with Lisbon.

Finding the diversity of the different countries and its people inspiring, she is using them as the backdrop for her photography to create vibrant and complex imaginary worlds - as you can see in her life-stile, documentary, and fine arts photography the visually storytelling is connected to the feeling of a an epic, film-like scenery.


Contact / Tel.: +49 (0) 17621924366


Roadtrips / GEO Special / 3-2019


Erinnerung eines Hafens / Hamburg History Live Magazin / Revolution / 1-2018

Summer Camp Editorial / Glamour Portugal / 1-2018



White Art Room Galerie  – Berli , 2019 /

In Between 


Dear Art Room - Hamburg, 2018 / dearphotography

Into the woods 


Centro Cultural Expo / Casa da Cultura Expo – Lisbon, 2017


CCB / Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, 2015

Jorney to the Clouds

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